THE ROOMBA AND THE POOP. This article by Olivia Solon seems to be on an undignified subject for this blog, but it has a certain dignity because it is in the Guardian. A Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner which follows a random path until all of your floor has been gone over by the Roomba. The article tells the story of a family which programs its Roomba to clean the living room floor in the middle of the night. There came a time when the family puppy had an accident in the middle of the living room. The Roomba proceeded to spread the poop with thoroughness all over the living room. The article is illustrated by a map that the home owner drew of the Roomba’s route. A phrase that is used in the article is: “every conceivable surface”.

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  1. Dick Weisfelder says:

    A robot lawn mower, working on the random walk principle, mows our lawn in Sweden, even while we are away. When it hits a boundary, there are several ways it can turn, just like the sheep on which it is modelled. We never see an area that has been missed. It finds its way back to the charging station when the battery gets low and then returns to mowing on a programmed schedule. Ours works four days a week. Friends check on it now and then while we are away. Like the poop problem with the robot vacuum cleaner, the mower could fail if any big twigs come down in a storm.

    These mowers are very common in Sweden and usually are given names. There might be more of a problem here when front and back yards are separated or when theft might be more commonplace. When picked up, they make a loud noise and will not start again without the proper code, but they are expensive and the parts would be valuable. Check them out on the internet. Ours is a Husqvarna. We can send you a wideo clip of it if you are interested.

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