UNFINISHED ART. Annalisa sent me this link to a post by Donato on the Muddy Colors website about an exhibit of unfinished paintings at the new Met Breuer Museum. The title of the exhibit is: Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible. The exhibit will be on through September 4.

Almost half of the show consists of unfinished modern works of art. Donato comments: “The problem with this is that much of contemporary art already appears unfinished in its final, presented state.”

The rest of the exhibit is what is interesting, consisting of unfinished paintings by master painters. The post includes images of unfinished paintings from the exhibit by Turner, Degas, Klimt, Durer, and Jan Van Eyck.

I am accustomed to seeing preparatory studies by masters for a final work. An unfinished painting is different. It would represent a project that was begun and abandoned and would pose the question: why stop?

Donato says: “It is here that we see the artistic process jarringly and abruptly fractured….fractured for unknown reasons, exposing the true internal works of the artistic mind.”

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