WHERE WOULD YOU DIG? In the interview with Mary Beard, Richard Abowitz asks her where she would dig if all the practical difficulties disappeared. Her answer is: “I’m extremely interested in the penumbra of buildings just outside a city.” She thinks that Rome must have been like third world cities today, with squatter camps outside the walls. “These are of course very, very difficult to trace, archaeologically, because they’re going to be tents, they’re going to be little huts…. I just wonder if that’s true. And I’d like to know.”

I checked with Annalisa and she confirmed that, if she could dig anywhere, it would be in the area around Stonehenge.

If I could dig anywhere, it would be Herculaneum, but I would have to have a magic wand to clear away the obstacles (as I posted here, the scrolls at Herculaneum crumble when you try to open them.).

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  1. Dick Weisfelder says:

    In Assos, Turkey

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