UNEXPECTED FAMILY RESEMBLANCES—KIDNEYS. Years ago I had a long-term kidney infection that was caused by a blockage that developed in my right kidney. The opening from the kidney was too small (and not funnel-shaped). Urine built up and distorted the shape of the kidney, and I had to have surgery.

Annalisa has just gotten back from a Christmas morning surgical procedure. She had developed a severe kidney infection because the opening from her right kidney was too small and her kidney had been distorted. I was told that my kidney problem had been with me from birth—and Annalisa’s problem has also been with her from birth.

When I was dealing with my kidney issues, an older lawyer pointed out that there was a recent time when medicine could not do anything about a long-term infection.

We are left with gratitude for modern medicine and modern health providers. Norwalk Hospital was full of nice people working cheerfully on Christmas.

We are about to open Christmas presents. Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Annalisa says:

    This is an excellent summary of events and how much thanks we owe to the people who worked cheerfully on Christmas to care for those of us with a creatively shaped kidney.

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