THE OLDEST ROTISSERIE LEAGUE? (COMMENT). I posted in 2010 that our rotisserie baseball league may be the oldest that has been in continuous operation. I added the qualification that “there are likely others that are tied with it in longevity.” Stephen Nichols recently commented on my post that their fantasy baseball league has been in continuous operation since 1982 and is about to hold its 34th annual draft. I enjoy the comments on that post because they reflect the nostalgia that I feel about our league. I noted in Stephen Nichols’s comment that because their league began before the internet that their league did not permit any substitutions for the first few years and now only allows two. For the first few years, our league permitted only two substitutions at the all star break.

I can’t think of a convenient way to bring forward the original post and the comments except to recommend that you follow this link to see the post and the comments.

We will begin our 35th year of continuous operation with our draft on Sunday March 29.

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