SHAKESPEARE’S “BLUNDER”? (SPOILER ALERT). SPOILERS. Two Gentlemen covers the adventures of two young men, close friends. Some of the adventures are as follows. Valentine voyages to Milan. Proteus stays home because he is in love with Julia . When Valentine, who has made fun of Proteus for his carrying on about love, arrives in Milan, he falls in love with Silvia, and Silvia falls in love with Valentine. Proteus is then sent to Milan by his father, and also falls in love with Silvia. Proteus breaks his vows to Julia and betrays his friend Valentine so that Valentine is banished from Milan. In a climactic scene, Proteus, whose advances to Silvia have been steadfastly rejected, attempts to rape Silvia. Valentine rescues Silvia. Proteus then apologizes, repents and asks forgiveness (in a speech lasting 5 lines).

Then comes the “blunder”: Valentine accepts the apology from Proteus, forgives him—and then offers Sylvia to Proteus as a token of his love for Proteus!!?? (All that was mine in Silvia, I give to thee.”)

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