“CREEK”—THE FULL DIALECT QUIZ (122 QUESTIONS). My nephew Andrew Schaefer sent me the full set of questions (link here) for the Dialect Quiz with accompanying maps and percentages for the different usages. For example, take question 10,—-the pronunciation of the word “creek”. I grew up near Chicago and near Salt Creek (wikipedia entry here–there are apparently three Salt Creeks in Illinois). I always heard “creek” pronounced to rhyme with “stick” and thought of that as the Midwestern pronunciation. To my surprise, the answers to question 10 (link here) showed that “crick” is very rare, being used by only 4% of the population. And the Chicago area is not one of the two areas on the map where “crick” is used. The Pittsburgh area is one of the two areas that do use “crick”, and Andrew pointed out that his kids, Elizabeth and David—do say “crick”. So they pronounce it just as their grandfather, my brother Elmer, would have, growing up near Chicago.

It looks like you will have to go to question 10 and then double click on the “complete results” button to get the percentages and all of the maps for the question.

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