KEEPING UP WITH THE NEWS IN THE 19TH CENTURY. Mary Jane gave me NEW YORK DIARIES, edited by Theresa Carpenter, which consists of daily excerpts about half a page long from various diaries kept by New Yorkers from 1609 to 2009. I am reading it pretty much day by day. Since I marvel at how the internet lets me keep up with the news all day long, I was surprised to read Heinrich Schliemann on March 27, 1869 marveling: “Every hour new issues of newspapers with later and always later news from all parts of the world….” I remembered the diary entry by Jose Marti from March 15, 1888 about the Great Blizzard of 1888 which occurred on March 13 and 14 (wikipedia article here; snowfalls of 20 to 60 inches). Marti described two of the bodies which had been found in the snow and then remarked: “What eagerness on the part of those living uptown to read the newspapers, which thanks to the intrepidity of the poor newsboys, finally came up from the downtown presses!”

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