WINE EXPERTS FAILING TESTS. Here is the link to the post on the io9 blog that Nick sent me (Lee Bryant sent me a link to a similar, but shorter, blog post one day earlier.) The post describes failures by wine experts in various tests. Here are two of them:

Test “A” was a blindfold test consisting of three tastings—from the same bottle of wine! Says the post: “Incredibly, the judges’ ratings for the tastings [of the same wine] typically varied by ±4 points on a standard ratings scale running from 80 to 100.”

Test “B” was the Frederic Brochet test from 2001 in which he sought opinions from 54 wine experts on the merits of two glasses of wine—one white and one red. The trick was that the wines were the same; the red wine was the white wine with food coloring added. None of the 54 experts noticed that the “red wine” was actually a white wine.

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