THEFTS OF WHITENING STRIPS. I have posted a number of times on what seem to me to be unusual thefts. One category is thefts of items that seem to be have comparatively high bulk and low value. I think of high value, low bulk items (such as jewelry) as being more likely targets of thieves. Since each crime presents a risk of capture, stealing a small total amount seems unattractive. I posted here about how I would not have thought of Tide detergent as being a theft target, much less that it would become currency on the street. Apparently now teeth whitening strips are a target of choice in our part of Connecticut. Here is a recent article about a police chase (ending in a collision) to catch thieves who had stolen some $1300 of Crest whitening strips and other products. Here is another article about thefts in 2012 of whitening strips and electric toothbrushes. A related article in the Stamford Patch says that in addition to Crest White Strips, razor blades and Rogaine have recently become popular items to steal and resell on the street.

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