EARL WEAVER AND GENE MAUCH AND SABERMETRICS.. Earl Weaver and Gene Mauch were both successful managers during roughly the same period (Weaver, 1960 to 1987; Mauch, 1960 to 1986.) Weaver and Mauch had different views on a major issue in baseball. Mauch believed in playing for one run and trying to take the lead. He was known for bunting in the first inning. Weaver believed in scoring the most runs you could over the course of a year. He played for a big inning because over the course of a season that would lead to the most runs. This wikipedia article says that: “Weaver’s style of managing was summed up in the quote: ‘pitching, defense, and the three-run homer.’ He did not believe in stolen bases, hit and run plays, or sacrifice bunts.” During the period after Mauch and Weaver retired, sabermatricians have supported Weaver’s view. Managers still bunt and play for one run, but this “small ball approach” is now considered “old-fashioned”.

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