MORE ACCURATE COLORS FOR GREEK STATUES. The colors on some of the reconstructions of Greek statues seem garish to me. Apparently some of the brightness of the colors comes from the passage of time. Red traces today are thought to have originally been brown. The Smithsonian article has what seems to me a more realistic coloring scheme for the Lovatelli Venus (which was found in the ruins of villa in Pompeii). Vinzenz Brinkmann, the archaeologist who supervised the reconstruction of the colors of this statue, says that the colors are more accurate because an unusual amount of traces of the original paint survived. The link to the Smithsonian article does not lead to a full picture of the reconstruction of the Lovatelli Venus. Thanks to Google images, here is a full-length reproduction of the Lovatelli Venus. This page from Google images for Vinzenz Brinkmann gives a number of reconstructions of painted statues.

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