MOE BERG IN JAPAN. I posted here about how Moe Berg “went to a lecture by Werner Heisenberg in Switzerland during World War II with instructions to kill Heisenberg if the lecture showed that Germany was far along on building an atomic bomb.” Russell Seitz of the Department of Physics at Harvard commented on the post that Moe Berg had “technical acumen sufficient to enable him to spy on Japanese military production while touring there with the All Stars just before WWII.” LEFTY adds to the Moe Berg legend not only the scene where Moe Berg conversed with Emperor Hirohito in Japanese, but also a story that Lefty Gomez told. He was warming up in the bullpen in 1936 when Berg asked him about pictures that Gomez had taken of Yokohoma harbor and of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Berg gave Gomez an address in Washington to send the pictures to. Gomez sent them and they were returned to him 7 or 8 months later.

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