ADELA ROGERS ST. JOHNS. I posted here that Bill James believes that Clarence Darrow was guilty of bribing a juror and added that Earl Rogers, Darrow’s defense lawyer at Darrow’s trial for bribing the juror, also believed he was guilty. I had an independent reason for saying that. Kids, I spent 10 to 15 happy evenings having dinner with Adela Rogers St. Johns, who was the daughter of Earl Rogers. I have just checked her wikipedia entry; since she was born in 1894, my impression that she was in her mid 80’s when I knew her was correct. (You can wee her playing herself in Warren Beatty’s movie Reds.) She told me lots of stories about old Hollywood and about her father’s trials. I met her in the coffee shop of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. She was living in one of the separate cabins on the grounds of the hotel which were highly sought after. We came to have dinner in the coffee shop most evenings while I was there. In one of our dinners, she told me that she had overheard Darrow telling her father that he was guilty of bribing the juror.

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