ROOMS WITH “FLOW.” We discovered when we were finally moving from our starter house six years ago that new houses were being built to provide “flow.” (I don’t know whether this is still true after the financial events of the last few years). “Flow” meant that the spaces opened into each other. Our new house has flow on the first floor and real rooms on the second floor. The flow has worked out well enough, and has been very helpful when the 20 or so people involved in the oldest fantasy baseball league assemble at our house for the annual draft. (One of the league traditions from 30 years ago is a large chart to display all the picks. I think computers can do the same thing now). Annalisa called my attention to this BBC article on the history of rooms which traces the history of “flow.” It points out that in medieval times there was one large room with a central hearth and pallets on the floor—“flow”, I suppose, in the sense that there were no interior walls.

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