EPHEMERAL ART—CHALK. I posted last week about the impermanence of the New York City Lego art project. Rick Rendeiro called my attention to the remarkable three-dimensional art work done in chalk on pavements by Julian Beever. Here are some of the trompe l’oeil paintings he has done. Notice the people in the one photograph walking around what appears to be a hole where a block of pavement has been removed. Annalisa showed me how one of the photographs has been taken to demonstrate that there is no trompe l’oeil effect if looked at from the wrong angle. I once asked if Beever was the world’s greatest screever, based on only a limited sample of his work. I have seen a screever near the Louvre do works based on Vermeer and Caravaggio, and they were good, but these are at a whole different level.

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