WHY YOU SHOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE GIVING ME CHRISTMAS GIFTS. The argument in SCROOGENOMICS is a sound economics argument and, I think, is a useful insight about giving presents. It is hard to know what somebody else wants, and a lot of presents are given because of social convention. However, the argument runs up against another familiar argument in economics. If economic behavior exists, there should be a reason for it. Lots of people give lots of gifts, even though they have to be aware that the recipient may be disappointed. Why? I will venture three reasons, based—as many economic arguments are—on introspection. First, I value the trouble that you take to find a present for me, and the risk that you take in gambling that I will like it. Second, I value the sentiment that attaches to a gift; a gift means more to me because you gave it to me. Third, many gifts broaden my horizons; often, I receive gifts that I hadn’t known about or I hadn’t known I wanted. So don’t let thoughts of SCROOGENOMICS discourage you.

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