COCKTAILS MADE WITH LAPHROAIG. Lee Bryant called my attention to the fact that there has been a Laphroaig cocktail contest in San Francisco. Lee commented: “Talk about the acid test of a good bartender.” This site describes the winning cocktails. The first place winner featured “Tia Maria, lime juice, falernum, and orange bitters, and had a foam on top made of orgeat and chocolate bitters with a Chartreuse spray and grated nutmeg.” The second place winner featured Laphroaig and chocolate, and the third place winner combined Laphroaig with, among other flavorings, green and yellow Chartreuse. These recipes are not the kind of thing to try at home, but in any event, I am inclined to agree with Lee that water is the only thing that should be added to Laphroaig, and that other flavors would interfere with the peaty taste of Laphroaig.

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