WHAT CAME BEFORE THE BIG BANG? My first post on this blog expressed wonder that the remnants of the Big Bang were still affecting radio signals today. Here is a review of BEFORE THE BIG BANG:THE PREHISTORY OF OUR UNIVERSE by Brian Clegg, which discusses several theories of what may have preceded the Big Bang. The review mentions the theory that there have been multiple expansions and contractions; string theory, which posits that there are ten or eleven dimensions; and a theory suggested by THE MATRIX that “the world as we know it is a vast computer program….” The book also points out that there are still difficulties with the Big Bang theory, in particular the rate of expansion. The review says: “If the universe amassed its current size from a primeval super atom, then ‘the current rate of expansion,’ Clegg notes, ‘would leave space much more wrinkled and bumpy than is actually the case.'” I have always had the naive view that of course the Big Bang destroyed all evidence of what came before. (link via Instapundit).

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