THE HANDS OF THE CLOCK STUCK STRAIGHT OUT. The Illinois Constitution used to provide that the legislature could take no action after midnight on June 30. (This was the Illinois Constitution that provided that the official language of the state was American). There was often a lot left to the last minute, and the legislators often agreed to stop the clock in the chamber so that they could finish up. One year, there was no agreement; the parties disagreed on important issues. The clock could be reached from the balcony overlooking the chamber, and the party with the majority sent legislators up to physically turn back the clock. The minority party realized what was happening and sent legislators up to prevent it–only they sent the biggest legislators available. The Chicago newspapers the next day described a legislator with a grip on the hands of the clock swinging out over the chamber with legislators tugging on him. They also showed photographs of the hands of the clock sticking out at right angles to the clock face.

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