IRIDESCENT DOVES. John Ruskin agreed that the pigeons added to the beauty of Saint Mark’s Square. He wrote in THE STONES OF VENICE that: “the St. Mark’s porches are full of doves, that nestle among the marble foliage, and mingle the soft iridescence of their living plumes, changing at every motion, with the tints, hardly less lovely, that have stood unchanged for seven hundred years.”

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  1. Annalisa says:

    I love pigeons and no one can change my mind about them. Today I was looking at the photos from our most recent trip to Europe and noted how many photos there were of birds: the sparrows and swans in Vevey, the curious black-with-white-head bird nesting at Chillon Castle, the pigeons in Florence. I think our noticing birds is a large part of the joy of being outdoors in Europe.

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