THINGS TO LEARN ABOUT THE FLU. I think I keep up with medical news but this article on the webmd site by Jennifer Clopton and this article in the Daily Mail by Kayla Brantley taught me a lot of things I had not known.

Learning warning signs about the flu matters because over a hundred people have died from it this year. The biggest difference between the common cold and the flu is that the flu kills.

Some warning signs for flu include that it is accompanied by a fever and body aches and that it moves very fast when it arrives—while a cold can take several days to develop.

Apparently it is recommended that you avoid contact with others (“Avoid close contact with people, stay in bed, or separate yourself from your family, roommates, or loved ones so you don’t give it to everyone else.”) You should stay home. I had not seen these recommendations recently. I think that in this busy society people are not told to stay home as much as they were 60 years ago.

Mary Jane and I are staying home.

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