EMMA RICE AND THE GLOBE—-EPILOGUE. This article by Michael Billington in the Guardian (July 17, 2017) analyzes the choice of Michelle Terry as the new director of the Globe. She has performed a number of Shakespearean roles, from Rosalind in As You Like It to the title role in Henry V. Billington praises her “profound understanding of Shakespeare’s language”. He singles out Terry’s playing of Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech as directed not to his army but to a single soldier who wishes to leave. (This seems to me both valid and original).

In this article in the Guardian (January 4, 2018) Mark Brown says that Michelle Terry intends to choose the actors for a cast and then have the actors vote on which of the actors will play each part. Brown also says: “Some eyebrows were raised because Terry, while a hugely accomplished Shakespearean actor, has never directed. On Thursday Terry said theatre culture was too ‘director-centric’ with ‘too much responsibility on one person’.”

This article in the Guardian by Vanessa Thorpe reported the announcement last July that Arts Council England will give Emma Rice two million pounds to set up a new company.

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