EMMA RICE’S LAST SHAKESPEARE PLAY AT THE GLOBE. I posted a number of times last year about how Emma Rice, who had been appointed to be artistic director of the Globe Shakespeare Theatre, had said in interviews that Shakespeare makes her “very sleepy” and that “a lot of Shakespeare feels like medicine”. This post described how she resigned in November, 2016.

I was curious about what her final Shakespeare production—of Twelfth Night—at the Globe would be like. This review by Michael Billington in the Guardian (May 25, 2017) describes some of the plot points in the production:

When “Malvolio has been tricked into donning yellow stockings, she [Malvolio] behaves like an oversexed stoat leaping into Olivia’s arms and making obscene thrusting motions against a pillar.”

“When the audience is engrossed in Viola’s seeming betrayal of Olivia, Rice interrupts the rhythm of the scene by having a pair of priests dancing to a jaunty calypso.”

“Feste is played by the massively bearded drag-artist, Le Gateau Chocolat.”

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