RULES FOR MAILING LIVE ANIMALS. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Annupreeta Das has a front page article about the US Postal Service regulations that govern the mailing of live animals.

It would never have occurred to me that you can mail ANY live animals.

Here are the regulations, which can be found at Section 526 of the postal regulations.

Section 526.1 “General” lists:

a Live bees, 526.2 and Exhibit 526.21.
b Live, day–old poultry, 526.3 and Exhibit 526.33.
c Live adult birds, 526.4.
d Live scorpions (only under limited circumstances), 526.5 and Exhibit 526.5.
e Other small, harmless, cold–blooded animals, 526.6 and Exhibit 526.6.

Das lists some animals that the post office delivers that are not singled out on the above list: baby alligators, frogs, salamanders, and snails.

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