THE DANNY MURTAUGH STORY. Danny Murtaugh had a long baseball career as a player and then as a manager. One of the highlights of the career came when he managed the Pittsburgh Pirates to a World Series win over the Yankees in 1960. Murtaugh had heart trouble in his later years as a manager, and a reporter once asked him how he always stayed calm and cheerful in a somewhat high pressure job. Murtaugh said he had learned not to worry about things one day when he was a minor league player.

Murtaugh’s team had an off day and Murtaugh spent the day at the racetrack. It was his lucky day. Every horse he bet on won. He spent the night spending all the money he had won. Morning came, and he went straight to the ballpark. Murtaugh had broken curfew and now his manager confronted him. The manager asked Murtaugh where he had been. Murtaugh decided to brazen it out and answered that he had gone to bed early, well before curfew.

The manager said that was not what he wanted to know. What he wanted to know was:”Where were you when the truck went through your motel room?”

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