BEER MADE WITH BASEBALL BAT SHAVINGS. This article reports that beer made with baseball bat shavings will be sold at the new Atlanta ballpark for all of the 20017 season. The beer will be aged atop wood that is waste from the shaving or carving that is done in making bats. The article acknowledges that a beer aged atop Louisville Sluggers was sold previously, in 2013.

The principle of aging beer in barrels used for bourbon or wine is well known. The cask and the weather affect the taste of bourbon and of beer. I posted here about tasting “Jefferson’s Ocean” Bourbon, which has been “aged at sea” and crossed the equator four times.

I understand the sentimental appeal of the association of the beer with baseball, and wood chips from making bats would presumably be of high quality. However, I don’t see that the connection with baseball would affect the taste of the beer.

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