HETEROPHASIA—IT’S THE PANTHEON THAT HAS A CONCRETE DOME (COMMENT). I posted here a couple months ago about how the Pantheon has lasted for centuries because concrete can’t be reused. However, I said “Parthenon” for “Pantheon”. Dick Weisfelder promptly pointed out the mistake. I would be concerned that I am doing that kind of verbal substitution all the time now in my seventies except for the fact that I know that I have always done it.

I know that I was prone to make that kind of substitution 40 years ago because I was in my thirties when a court reporter in Oklahoma City taught me the word for it—-“heterophasia”. I was taking a deposition, and she observed that—apparently like other people— I tended to do it when I was a little tired. The example that she gave was saying “bus” rather than “lunch”. I don’t remember whether that was a substitution I actually made.

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