JOE BOB BRIGGS’ BRIEF HISTORY OF THE REDNECK. Judith Matloff says that honor codes still survive in mountainous regions like Albania, “where 10.000 men have perished in vendettas in the last two decades”. She points out that J D Vance’s best seller HILLBILLY ELEGY “acknowledges the stereotypes of Appalchia’s hill people—a penchant for fights and a fierce loyalty to family and feuds.”

I am posting a link to A Brief History of the Redneck by Joe Bob Briggs at the Taki’s Magazine website in part because it is consistent with J D Vance’s views.

And I was pleased to see Briggs pointing out that: “Nobody wanted to go up into those mountains in Western Pennsylvania—except the Scots-Irish.” I was reminded of my belief that my Danish and Irish ancestors chose bog land because nobody else wanted to move there.

But mainly I am posting it because I think it is very funny.

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