MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHETHER DARK MATTER EXISTS. I posted here recently on an article about questions that have been raised as to whether dark matter and dark particles exist. This is a big deal because mainstream researchers believe that the vast majority of the matter in the Universe consists of dark-matter particles that do not interact with radiation and cannot be seen through any telescope. The author of the article, Paul Kroupa, placed great weight on the fact that dark matter has not yet been found.

Now, in an article published just two days after Kroupa’s article, Paul Ratner writes about a different theory proposed by Professor Erik Verlinde, who also argues that “there’s no ‘dark matter’—-a mysterious kind of matter that along with dark energy theoretically makes up 95% of the universe, but has not really been discovered yet”. With no evidence for dark matter, concepts of gravity are under attack. Kroupa said that: “The first step is that we need to revisit the validity of Newton’s universal law of gravitation.” Verlinde says that: “gravity is an illusion,”

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