MAGNUS CARLSEN DEFEATS SERGEY KARJAKIN. Magnus Carlsen has defeated Sergey Karjakin in 16 games to win his third world chess championship. This article by Oliver Roeder on the FiveThirtyEight site describes the course of the match. Roeder says: “The 12 regulation games that preceded the tiebreakers were generally tense and closely contested, and ended tied 6 to 6.”

The tie break games after the the first twelve games began with a “rapid” format: a mini-match of four games, each with 25 minutes per player and 10 seconds added after each move. This was significantly quicker than the regulation, “classical” games, which took up to seven hours. Carlsen won the fourth of those “rapid” format games and the championship.

If the players had remained tied after the “rapid” format games, they would have played up to five mini-matches of “blitz” games—five minutes a side and three seconds added after each move.

If they were still deadlocked, they would have played a single game of “Armageddon” chess.

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