THE THEFT OF THE BUCKET OF GOLD. I have posted over the past ten years on various crime stories, including the theft of the gold bathtub and the theft of a seven story building, both of which I reported on here.

This crime has gotten a lot of attention on the internet, I suppose because the odds against its success seem so high. This is one of a number of videos of the crime, which was captured by security cameras.

The crime took place at around 4:30 in the afternoon on 48th Street between Fifth and Sixth, a crowded midtown block. There were two guards assigned to the armored truck from which the bucket of gold flakes weighing 86 pounds and worth about $1.6 million was stolen. The criminal takes the bucket from the open back door of the truck. It is heavy enough that he is said to “waddle” as he carries it. He has to put it down to rest at one point and the man’s entire trip, usually considered to be about a 10-minute walk, took an hour.

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