HOW DO TREES COORDINATE THEIR ACTIVITIES? It is important to point out, in light of Wohlleben’s poetic view of trees as social beings, that there is scientific evidence supporting his contentions. Noe says: “Wohlleben enumerates myriad ways in which trees actually communicate with each other. For example, when confronted with a parasite, some trees will emit chemicals that give their leaves a bitter flavor that is unpleasant to the parasite. And more to the point, nearby trees, whose contact with the original tree is through contact underground at the tips of their roots, will then emit the chemical repellent in turn.” In chapter 2 (which is entitled “The Language of Trees”) in this kindle edition of Wohlleben’s book, he gives a citation: “Dr. Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver has discovered that [trees] also warn each other using chemical signals sent through the fungal networks around their root tips.”

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