A BLOG ENTITLED “WORST OF MCMANSIONS”. This article in the Daily Mail by Regina F. Graham calls attention to the “Worst of McMansions” blog, which is authored by “Kate”. Here is the link (the blog can be found at www.mcmansionhell.com). The Daily Mail article features photos of mcmansions decorated with comments, such as: “”unforgivable in so many ways”, “who hurt u”, and “only the most depraved individuals are capable of such a horrible thing”.

“Kate” analyzes the photos in terms of misuse of architectural elements, such as the incorrect use of keystones (Graham says: “The blog points out that keystones, originally intended to hold an arch together, should be embedded in the surface rather than being tacked onto it”). And then there’s the misuse of columns which do not provide support (“as we can see, this house is a wood frame covered in various subtypes of foam, truly an engineering marvel”).

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