THE MYSTERIES OF THE TIMBERS AT DURRINGTON WALLS. It is a comfort that there is no immediate explanation for what was found at Durrington Walls. Perhaps something can be learned from the search for explanations.

One of the archaeologists is quoted in the BBC article: “…there are two enormous pits for timber posts. They have got ramps at the sides to lower posts into….The top was then filled in with chalk rubble and then the giant henge bank was raised over the top.” The archaeologist says: “it was thought the giant timber monument was was put up immediately after a settlement on the site, that belonged to the builders of Stonehenge, went out of use.”

The archaeologist says: “For some strange reason they took the timbers out and put up the enormous bank and ditch that we see today.”

So there are three mysteries—why were the timbers erected, why were they taken down and covered over. and why was the timber monument put down soon after the settlement on the site was abandoned?

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