AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISAPPOINTMENT AT DURRINGTON WALLS. I posted here in September of 2015 about a “superhenge”. I wrote: “…this article by Brittany Jones Cooper reports on the announcement on September 7 of what is being called “Superhenge”, located about two miles from Stonehenge, along the lower edge of Durrington Walls. The stones are buried about three feet under the earth and were detected by using ground penetrating radar. Superhenge has about five times the size of Stonehenge and has 90 stones to Stonehenge’s 15.”

Less than a year later, in August, 2016, it has been reported here on the BBC website that: “A 4,500-year-old monument experts thought was “another Stonehenge” is now understood to have not contained any standing stones at all. Archaeologists digging at Durrington Walls—about two miles from Stonehenge—said they now believed the Neolithic site was surrounded by timber posts.”

Not only has the excitement of finding a major new henge been lost, but the failure to find any standing stone punctures the confidence archaeologists had in their new tool, ground penetrating radar.

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