WHO WROTE EDWARD III?—-SOME CANDIDATES. Edward III is rarely done (Thank you Hudson Shakespeare Company!). The production history in this wikipedia entry lists only a few items. The candidates for the authorship are more in number than the productions. The entry lists:


William Shakespeare — Edward Capell (1760), A.S. Cairncross (1935), Eliot Slater (1988), Eric Sams (1996)
George Peele — Tucker Brooke (1908)
Christopher Marlowe, with Robert Greene, George Peele, and Thomas Kyd — J.M. Robertson (1924)
Michael Drayton— E.A. Gerard (1928) and H.W. Crundell (1939)
Robert Wilson — S.R. Golding (1929)
Thomas Kyd — W. Wells (1940) and G. Lambrechts (1963)
Robert Greene — R.G. Howarth (1964)
William Shakespeare and one other — Jonathan Hope (1994)
William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe — Robert A.J. Matthews and Thomas V.N. Merriam (1994)
William Shakespeare and others (not Marlowe) — Giorgio Melchiori (1998)
Thomas Kyd (60%) and William Shakespeare (40%) — Brian Vickers (2009)

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