A COMPLETIST GOES FOR EXTRA CREDIT. I have posted several times about my efforts to see all of Shakespeare’s plays. I announced here on March 7 of this year that I had decided to drop The Two Noble Kinsmen and Edward III from the list of plays I was targeting, leaving me with only 37 plays to see. Having lowered the bar, I posted here this March 24 that: “After seeing Pericles, I have now seen all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays.” Carl Davidson e mailed me that he had seen a New York Times article with higher figure than 37 for Shakespeare’s plays. I responded here that the test I had decided to apply was the plays in the First Folio plus Pericles.

Now I have a chance to add a 38th play to my total. The Hudson Shakespeare Company is bringing its production of Edward III to the Stratford Library tomorrow (July 30). The Hudson Shakespeare Company refers to Edward III here as part of a series that they are doing of “Shakespeare Aprocropha”.

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