ANOTHER PERFECT ALIBI. In this article in the Daily Mail, Chris Pleasance reports on a perfect alibi. A witness identified Quincy Green as having committed a murder, but Green had been fitted with a GPS tracker attached to his leg after a previous gun arrest, and the tracker showed that at the time of the murder Green was at his home, a mile away from where the murder was committed.

I posted here three years ago about another perfect alibi. DNA found under the fingernails of a murder victim was matched to the DNA of Lukis Anderson, a street person with a criminal record. But Anderson had a perfect alibi. Anderson had been taken by ambulance to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of .40, five times the legal limit, two hours before the murder and remained in the hospital for 12 hours after the crime was committed.

In Anderson’s case, it really was a perfect alibi. The two paramedics who had taken Anderson to the hospital arrived at the murder scene two hours later, bringing Anderson’s DNA with them.

In Quincy Green’s case, the police discovered that the GPS had been attached to Green’s prosthetic leg. Rather than removing the GPS, he was able to remove the leg.

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