“THE DEB WHO SANK THE BISMARCK”. The Economist (June 4 to 10) has an obituary for Jane Fawcett (nee Janet Caroline Hughes), the person who received the message which told where the Bismarck was going to be, leading to the sinking of the Bismarck, Germany”s best battleship. She was working at Bletchley Park, where the codebreakers led by Alan Turing were working, checking those messages that Bletchley Park succeeded in decoding from the German Enigma machine (thought to be impossible to decode).

This wikipedia entry about the Bismarck records the event: “British code-breakers were able to decrypt some of the German signals, including an order to the Luftwaffe to provide support for Bismarck making for Brest, decrypted by Jane Fawcett on 25 May 1941.”

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