TWINS—MEMORIES OF POURING ORANGE JUICE IN MY EAR. When I was 12 or 13, there was a period when my mother would bring each of my twin brother Elmer and me, who slept in the same room, a large glass of orange juice to help us wake up.

Until one morning I fell back asleep holding the glass and poured the full glass of orange juice in my ear. I can still recall the sensation.

I was reminiscing with my brother on the phone and asked him if he remembered my spilling the orange juice. He said that he did but that what he remembered was that he had poured orange juice all over himself.

I can think of several explanations. First, some kind of twin ESP. However, we played enough bridge together to know that we do not have ESP. Second, our memories are not what they were. However, why would each of us remember it differently? Third, we both fell back asleep at the same time and spilled at the same time and didn’t pay any attention to the other’s plight. I think the third explanation is the most likely.

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