FINALLY, A JUDGMENT ON AN OPEN AND NOTORIOUS MURDER. I posted here in the first week of this blog (at a time when I was still learning how to link to an article) about the murder in London of Alexander Litvenenko, a Russian dissident. The murder was open and notorious—poisoning by radioactive polonium leaves dangerous traces and the radioactive traces left in London enabled the paths taken by the killers to be identified. In that post, I quoted a sentence from the New York Times: ““All the while, diplomats scurried to prevent the case from becoming an international incident.” I said: “There are some things that can’t be ignored without making a statement about what is permissible.”

In January, 2015, some eight years after the murder, I posted here that the British government had begun an official inquiry into the murder. Now, this article by Tim Sculthorpe and Arthur Martin in the Daily Mail reports that an official inquiry has concluded that two named Russians committed the murder and that the murder plan was probably approved by Vladimir Putin.

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