RABBIT SHOWJUMPING. Mary Jane called my attention to rabbit showjumping. She is interested because she likes cute bunnies, but she knows of my interest in all kinds of sporting competitions. According to this wikipedia entry, the sport was invented in Sweden in the early 1970’s and spread to other Scandinavian countries, reached the United States in 2001, and has now reached Australia. The first national championship event was held in Stockholm in 1987. The record for the highest rabbit jump is 39.4 inches, set by Snöflingans (Super Champion) Majesty of Night “Aysel”. Events at a competition include a straight course, a crooked course, the high jump and the long jump. Courses are divided into 5 levels, from easy to elite. To move up a level, a rabbit has to earn promotion points. Speed doesn’t make a difference except to break ties.

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