THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. I have heard references to “the music of the spheres” ever since I was in college, Although it is familiar, I looked it up in this wikipedia entry to get a precise definition, which is: “an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, and planets—as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin term for music). This “music” is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic, mathematical or religious concept.”

Further, “Pythagoras proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets all emit their own unique hum (orbital resonance) based on their orbital revolution,… and that the quality of life on Earth reflects the tenor of celestial sounds which are physically imperceptible to the human ear.”

The concept of the music of the spheres was apparently influential from the time of Pythagoras to the end of the Renaissance.

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