STUDIES SHOW THAT ALCOHOL REDUCES THE RISK OF DEMENTIA. I have posted several times about bourbon and single malt scotch. I don’t drink them because of their health benefits but I do take note that Tony Edwards reports in the Daily Mail on several studies which provide some evidence that alcohol substantially reduces the risk of dementia. The studies had a large number of participants—one had over 6000—but there are obvious statistical problems, including lack of randomization.

Annalisa and Mary Jane now laugh when I begin a sentence with “Studies show….” because they have heard me so often follow the sentence with skepticism about what “studies show”. It is just very hard to do experiments, and especially hard to do experiments on nutrition, because there are so many variables involved.

The only study that I think has been firmly established is Malcolm Gladwell’s conclusion (which I posted on here) that coffee created the modern world by facilitating the Industrial Revolution.

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