BROOKLYN CHIC IN PARIS. Sam Schechner in the Wall Street Journal (Sept. 17) had a report on the cultural influence of Brooklyn on Paris fashion. Le Bon Marche is having a six-week exhibition of goods made in Brooklyn and has a billboard campaign on “Brooklyn Mania”. Schechner quotes the director of the style office of Le Bon Marche: “…the real Brooklyn is now on the Left Bank.” Schechner points out that a century ago the Left Bank was the center of bohemian counterculture, and now some think that the Left Bank has too many luxury stores that can also be found in other major cities. Schechner quotes a Brooklynite who helped with the exhibit: “A lot of what Brooklyn is about is this very strong sense of bohemia, and I wouldn’t say Le Bon Marché is bohemian.” Schechner gives examples of some of the items that are on display—a “pop-up tattoo parlor and barber shop” and Paris-made bagels with “flavors such as beet, tomato, barbecue and squid ink”.

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