THE DISCOVERY OF SUPERHENGE. I have posted a number of times about Annalisa’s strong belief when we visited Stonehenge in 2003 that there was a lot more to be found underground in that area. I have posted to that effect so often because there have been so many discoveries near Stonehenge in recent years. I posted here just a year ago about a new discovery and quoted an official of English Heritage, which manages the site: “A lot of people assume we’ve excavated the entire site and everything we’re ever going to know about the monument is known.But actually there’s quite a lot we still don’t know….”

Now this article by Brittany Jones Cooper reports on the announcement on September 7 of what is being called “Superhenge”, located about two miles from Stonehenge, along the lower edge of Durrington Walls. The stones are buried about three feet under the earth and were detected by using ground penetrating radar. Superhenge has about five times the size of Stonehenge and has 90 stones to Stonehenge’s 15.

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