ONE BUCK CHUCK. We are all happy that we now have a woodchuck, who visits our front yard from time to time. We think that the woodchuck and the bunny (who visits the same area of the lawn) are attracted by all the clover we have. I announced that I was going to call our woodchuck “Johnny” in honor of Johnny Chuck, a recurring character in the Thornton W Burgess stories I loved when I was 6 or 7. Annalisa then announced that she was going to call the woodchuck “One Buck” in honor of me.

Some years ago, we were all at a party where I told the hostess that I liked the wine she had served. She was apologetic and said that it was just “Two Buck Chuck”. I said: “If this is two buck chuck, then I would probably also like one buck chuck.” Annalisa and Nick like to refer to the story when we are drinking wine.

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