A SINGLETON BEING MISTAKEN FOR TWINS. This earlier article on the MLB site by Jane Lee tells about how Pat Venditte’s father raised him to throw with both arms from when he was three (Venditte’s father thought it might give his son a chance to play high school ball).

The article also has a story that is the flip side of one of my favorite twin stories. It’s about the Gullickson twins, professional tennis players, one of whom was left handed and the other right handed. I told the story here. A European pro was angered that after beating him playing right handed, Gullickson had shown him up by beating him the next week playing left handed.

The flip side story is about the time someone stopped Pat Venditte’s Little League coach: “Hey coach, those twins did a helluva job.”

The coach replied: “Those aren’t twins. That’s one guy who can throw with both arms.”

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