MARY JANE’S DREAM ABOUT SHAKESPEARE AND TOTO. Mary Jane has colorful dreams. This post on her blog describes one of her dreams when she was working on Shakespeare Rising, the first play in her Shakespeare trilogy:

“This dream took place while I was writing “Shakespeare Rising,” and the dream came to me just before I woke up. So, instead of forgetting them, I wrote down the details of this one. It took place on the battlements of Elsinore. Both sentinels were there, looking up, at a spinning object in the night sky. As it descended, getting closer and closer, they realized it was a small farmhouse and that it was going to crash on the battlements. Just before it crashed down on them, Barnardo called out the opening line of Hamlet: “Who’s there?” And then the house, with Dorothy and Toto in it, landed on them. It was one hell of an opening!”

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